Annual Award Winners

1983Jim and June Smith of Roudon-Smith VineyardsThe society wished to express its appreciation for the Smith's assistance with the annual wine festival.
1983Mark PrimackFought to help preserve the Tree Circus.
1983Dave and Claire HodginWorked to preserve the barn theater (former Frapwell Dairy Barn).
1984Agnes LewisFounder of the Scotts Valley Historical Society, obtained the Scott House, helped create the Cavalcade, and president of the Scotts Valley Property Owner's Association.
1984Santa Cruz Archaeological SocietyAssisted with the 1982 excavation of the 10,000-year-old Indian site at the Scott House property.
1984Charlene DetlefsEarly member of the SVHS. Organized work crew for the 1982 excavation.
1984Jennice SingerOrganized work crew for the 1982 excavation.
1984Charles GrahamInstrumental in the restoration of the house. "There's nothing he hasn't done for the society."
1989Seagate TechnologyProvided $50,000 matching grant for the Scott House Historic Park Project (Still Pending).
1989Scotts Valley Lions' ClubInstalled new paths, planter boxes, and redwood benches around the house.
1990Margaret KochLocal historian.
1990Ken ClarkeLocal pioneer.
1990Fred KeeleyAssisted society in effort to save Scotts Valley's 2nd school house by moving it to a new location.
1990Bonnie HawleyFred Keeley's aide, also assisted with preservation of 2nd school house.
1990Dr. Robert CartierAssisted society with excavation near the house, documentation of the site, and taught how to preserve artifacts.
1991Jack FraserPublisher of the Scotts Valley Banner.
1991Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce
1992Erik JohnsonFounder and owner of Erik's DeliCafes. Started business in Scotts Valley. Salvages barn wood and historical materials to use in cafes.
1992Gail Burknumerous years of service as the Historical Society's representative on the Scotts Valley Cultural Resource Preservation Commission .
1992Bob HagopianTeacher at Scotts Valley Middle School. Each year, his 8th grade history students write American History Profile essays. Students are encouraged to research and collect oral histories.
1993Irene Camerzell and the SoroptomistsDonation of the Agnes Knox Lewis Rose Garden.
1993Troup 604 Scoutmaster Chuck Fetter and his troopYears of volunteer labor in maintaining the Scott House, gazebo, and gardens.
1993Virginia HooperCoordinated the memorial brick walkway and served on the city Cultural Resource Commission.
1993Glory Anne LaffeyExtensive archival research on the history of Scotts Valley. She also has donated many hours of calligraphy for the Annual Award certificates.