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These are just a few images from Scotts Valley's past. Hopefully, more of our historical images can be located and be contributed to this collection.

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Joseph Ladd Majors
Joseph Ladd Majors (1804-1868) sold his San Agustin Rancho to Hiram Scott in the early 1850s. Majors was a trapper, distiller, ranchero, miller, and civic leader.

From the Maude Wyman Birkett Collection

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Hiram Scott Painting
Portrait of Hiram Scott. In the background, there are gold miners and Indians. Hiram Scott befriended a Piute Indian family and provided employment for Captain Truckee, John Fremont's guide, until his death. He educated Truckee's grandchildren. Sara Winnemucca Truckee became a noted lecturer and author.

The painting was made by Hiram Scott's grandson, Al Scott.

Hiram Scott
Hiram Daniel Scott. 1823-1886. Native of Maine. Sailor, ship builder, miner, hotel owner, ferry owner, rancher, livery stable owner. Purchaser of the San Agustin rancho from Joseph Majors (1850-1852).

Courtesy of the Scott Family.

Captain Daniel Scott
Portrait of Captain Daniel Scott (circa 1860), father of Hiram D. Scott.

Courtesy of the Scott Family.

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