The Scott House - Donors

This page honors those businesses and individuals who have volunteered their labor or financial resources to the restoration of the Scott House. Please contact the Historical Society if you would like to contribute to the restoration effort.

The server space for this web site has been generously donated the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Scott House and the surrounding property were donated to the City of Scotts Valley by Steve Dorsa and Arch McDonald.

The gazebo was donated by the Ron McNeil family in 1977. Previously, the gazebo was located at the Pinnacle Pass center on Mt. Hermon Road.

Al Scott, a descendent of the Scott family living in Texas, contributed the portrait of Hiram Scott.

The Grizzly bears were donated by Larry and Peggy Thompson. They had previously been a part of the Lost World amusement attraction.

In 1989, Seagate Technology offered a $50,000 matching grant to help aid the restoration of the Scott House.

Boy Scout Troop 604 has donated hundreds of hours of labor to help maintain the grounds at the Scott House.

Mike Keogh donated the Chickering square grand piano currently on view in the house parlour.

A set of parlour chairs and table were donated by the Koshland family. The gift also included a selection of vintage clothing.

When the Soroptomists organization disbanded, remaining funds were donated to the Historical Society to help install the Agnex Knox Lewis Memorial Rose Garden.

The kitchen cook stove was donated by ?