The Scott House - Commemorative Brick Project

The Commemorative Brick Project is a unique and lasting way to become a part of the Scott House Restoration Project. Get your name on the brick walk which surrounds the house or on the path of the Agnes Knox Lewis Old Fashioned Rose Garden.

Only $40! Please call (831) 438-6506 for more info.



15 characters, including spaces, per line


Checks payable to:
Scotts Valley Historical Society
Civic Center Dr.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Current List of Brick Names

Kiwanis Scotts Valley Rotary Club
Elvis E. and R. Kerr Frapwell, b. 1905 and b. 1908
Memory Woodard, Exec Directory of the Chamber of Commerce
Edward H. and Eva F. Frapwell, b. 1870 and b. 1883
Jack and Helen Boone, 1992
Jan and Dean Bowman, 1992
Nancy Jensen supports Scotts Valley
Allenders, Ed loves Virginia, 1992
Virginia S. Hooper, 1992
Verna Brown, Woman of the Year
Rose Garden Donated by Soroptomists International of the Santa Cruz Mountains (2 bricks)
Margaret R. Koch, 1992
Jason, Nicholas, Lisa and Jack Dilles
Charlene and Phil Duval, Robb and Peter Detlefs
St. Philip's Episcopal Church
David, Judy, and Ryan Schmidt, 1992
Bricks are from Central Home Supply, 1993
Jennice, Stan, and Jeff Singer
Home Savings of America
Charles and Harriet Graham
Chuck and Julie Fetter, Jan. 29, 1992
Carl and Jackie Conelly, Nov. 23, 1992
Val G. Rebahn, Kit Eric Isaac, 1992
Jay and Ruth Orem
Home Savings of America
Dick and Carolyn Dwyer
Ron and Judith Henderson and Family
C.R. and Marcia Roberson
Erik and Judy Johnson
Horst Beckmann and Family, 1992
In Memory of Karen Beckmann, 1992
Santa Cruz Title Company
Pajaro Valley Questers
John and Pater Roberson, Corky and Clint
Home Savings of America
Tom and Mardi Kisling
In Memory of Vaughn Worth
Soroptomists, 1992
Cliff and Marilyn Quaintance, 1996
David Edward Frapwell
Soroptimists, 1992
Charles loves Heidi Fetter, April 24, 1993
Althea Frapwell Andersen
Home Savings of America
Exchange Club of Scotts Valley, 1969-1994, 25 years of Service (2 bricks)
Michael, Gail, Peter and Rachel Burk
Eric Edward Andersen
J.J. Graham Pioneer Family 1928
William Janette Kassis
Parent Participation Pre-School 1994
Im Memory of Scott Dean Quaintance 1961-1995 (2 bricks)
John Eastman Fetter, April 29, 1970
Rotary Club of Scotts Valley
Don and Helen Hall, 1979
Stewart O. Ralston
In Memory of Doug Roberson
Roger and Sandy Maxwell
Jamie Swann
Scotts Valley Post Office Employees 1993
Adria Coleen Andersen
Edward Hazo Frapwell
Bruce R. Arnold Artist Teacher Therapist
Paul Daniel Quaintance 1996
James & Tina Alan & Alyssa Quaintance 1996
Mark Denesen Frapwell [Andersen]
Ross & Olive Kerr 1993
Benjamin Henrik Andersen
Erik's DeliCafe
Wanda Genschmer Buck
Kit Walmsley Pleck
In Memory of Rober Hagerman 1918-1994